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By choosing moving and downsizing services with Smart Senior Transitions, LLC., you’ll enjoy a smoother, hassle-free transition. Our services give you ample time to adjust, and our senior move managers provide support throughout the entire process.

Organize & Downsize​​

Moving is an ideal time to declutter and start anew. What should you keep and what should you discard? We're right by your side to help you decide what to keep, sell, gift, donate, and discard. And we'll get those things out of your house and where they need to go.

Pack, Move, Unpack

When you’re ready to move, our friendly and efficient staff can make it happen in record time since we:

  •   Deliver all boxes & packing supplies

  •   Professionally pack & label all items

  •   Coordinate move-in at your new residence

  •   Schedule & supervise trusted movers

  •   Place furniture according to your floor plan

  •   Unpack & put things away

  •   Remove boxes & packing materials

We'll be there to set up your new home so it's most comfortable and familiar for you.


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Appropriate Disposal

We dispose of unwanted items properly – chemicals, mattresses, old electronics and TV – to minimize environmental impact. We pride ourselves in having myriad avenues for recycling and reuse. We also facilitate shredding of personal documents and destroying computer hard drives.

Floor Planning​​

We want your new space to feel like home from the minute you move in. We'll work to understand your lifestyle and what is important to you, then design a personalized space plan for your new or existing home. This makes your move more seamless and helps you envision your new home.

Preparing Your Home for Sale​​

We'll help you prepare your home so it sells quickly and doesn’t become a financial headache. Whether you need a simple cleanout, a more extensive clean up, or necessary prepping in order to present your home in the best light, we’ll be there throughout the process.

Sell, Consign​​ & Estate Liquidation

We can help minimize stress on a family by cleaning out any size estate, from large houses to second homes and apartments. We sort through everything – every box, every drawer, every piece of clothing. And we often find things that have been missing for years! We can then assist with selling items, which can often offset moving costs.

Age in Place

If the best choice for you is to stay in your home, we can develop a plan that adapts your present home to meet your evolving needs. The focus is to make your home safer, more organized and easier to maintain. ​We'll coordinate with trusted contractors for any needed renovations​ and can help you shop for new equipment or furniture as needed​.

Our Services 

  • Whole home declutter & downsizing

  • Move consultation & planning

  • Customized floor plans

  • Sorting & organizing

  • Packing & unpacking

  • Moving day orchestration

  • Shipping & storage

  • Paperwork organization

  • Rearrange furniture, assemble new furniture

  • Handyman services

  • Lever-style faucets & door knobs

  • Closet organizers

  • Comfort-height toilets

  • Wallpaper removal & painting

  • Rocker-style switches

  • Grab bars, railings & ramps

  • House clean out

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